Pedagogical policy

In the pedagogical policy of De Boefjes the child and his development are central. With this, every child is given the space to be self-aware and develop individually. De Boefjes want to stimulate the overall development of the individual child in a balanced manner, respecting its own development, strength and uniqueness.

The four pedagogical basic objectives for education are the starting point for childcare within De Boefjes.

The pedagogical basic objectives are:

  • Providing a sense of security, rest, regularity and cleanliness.
  • To stimulate and offer the opportunity to develop personal competencies.
  • To stimulate and offer the opportunity to develop social competencies.
  • Transfer of values and norms and culture.

The basic goals describe what children need from the basic needs that children are entitled to.

These basic needs are:

  • Children are entitled to physical care, nutrition and (sleep);
  • Right to affection and security;
  • Right to security and continuity;
  • Right to development and competences;
  • Right to recognition and appreciation for developing a positive self-image.

Children need to be a good person and want to meet the expectations, standards and rules that are set.

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